Radial Fest Class Rules

Pro 275



LDR (Rule are posted at the top of the group)



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Mean Street
Any 275 drag radial or 10.5 slick are allowed, No W's. Four links are ok but NO tube chassis cars allowed. Cap will be drawn before qualifying. ET range 5.10-5.30.

Radical Street
Steel roof and quarters
Stock style suspension
No tube chassis, back half ok
28x10.5 or 275/60. NO W series tire
Any power adder
No throttle stops
Index between 5.50-5.70. Index will be drawn by chip draw before qualifying. Chip draw for pairing EACH round.


Door cars
no throttle stops
engine diaper is mandatory
top sportsman safety rules
.400 pro tree and pro ladder will be based on car count.

Index 6.0 & 7.0
No throttle stops. Trans brakes & delay boxes are allowed.