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On November 1st 2014, Brad Edwards etched his name into the history books as he shocked the drag radial world at Radial Fest 2k14 by breaking into the elusive 3 second zone. The all out war for who would break into the 3 second zone first, raged throughout eliminationsas Edwards and Hancock traded blows. Brad and Jamie put up astonishing 4.00 and 4.01 passes during their semi-final rounds, which set the stage for an epic final round. When the tree fell Hancock pulled the first ever sub 1 second 60ft time (.996) on a drag radial and made the charge for what could’ve have been a side by side 3.9x run, but shortly after the 60ft Jamie’s car lost traction sending him into the far wall as Brad Edwards accelerated and illuminated the score boards with a 3.99. Jamie’s car uninjured and the damage to the car was minimal.

Brad Edwards will officially go down in drag radial history as the man to break which is one of the last major barriers in drag radial racing.